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Welcome to the official web site of THE MARCH OF THE ECCENTRICS novel, by author J. Rainsnow (best viewed with Internet Explorer or Firefox).  For those already familiar with the 'Rainsnow' name from, or any of the books promoted by that site, this is something altogether different!  ....  The March of the Eccentrics is an audacious, historically-located but perpetually timely satire, meant to push buttons, ring bells, turn up the fire under the pot, stir the inner juices, and get the blood of life flowing again, wherever lethargy, habit, or disheartenment have ground things to a halt.  Part comedy, part saga, it is a sweeping adventure story, with ideas dissolved throughout, and purpose imbedded into its escapism.  It is meant to make great friends and great enemies, on the way to making a better world.  To get your copy, go to the Marketplace.


As the official blurb states: 

"It is the 1980s, an alternative time track.  The world is in dire straits: the U.S. has become a dictatorship, the U.S.S.R. has not reformed, the Third World is in flames, the earth is teetering.  There is no one left to save it but for a strange band of geniuses and misfits - the Eccentrics - led by Julius Herman Abu, a mad scientist with an out-of-control libido and ideas all his own.  At his side is his beautiful daughter Ellen, struggling to put him back on track, and Freddy Wells, an alienated hippie warrior and diplomat, pitting what is left of his faith against the forces of darkness." 

In some ways I guess you could say THE MARCH OF THE ECCENTRICS is a homage to the 1960s dream of 'saving the world', filtered through 1980s memories of living amidst the wreckage of crashed utopias, presented to the 21st century in a catalytic way.  (It is like striking a second match, after the first one has been blown out in the wind.)  "From the past's drive to preserve what is precious, comes the raw material for new seasons on the earth."


Sure!  Let's do it stream-of-consciousness style:  Mad scientists, brilliant misfits, bohemian beauties, alienated hippies, turbulent youth movements, vivid music scenes, Fascist dictators, theocratic con-men, sensual excesses, noble purposes, Third World revolutionaries, New York daydreamers, Mexican beauties across the political spectrum, wild convention-shattering ganguro girls, aging WW 2 veterans, giant robots, lasers, flying cars, photosynthesis machines, invisibility formulas, gravitational manipulation, time distortions, trips to the moon and Venus, dinosaurs in the Amazon and Congo, yetis in the Himalayas, sexy Sicilian girls, possessive old men who think they are above the law, sweeping theories of history, cosmological speculations, searches for the meaning of life, spiritual pilgrimages, scientific fury/paradigm turf wars, neurosis, quirks, peculiarity in action, towering genius pitted against muscular stupidity, flamboyant world-changers hurled into the chaos by books and circumstance mixed together with humble warriors fighting for their families, new songs, new ideas (old ideas renewed?), continuous orgasms, constant danger, will the earth survive?  Something like that...  An intricate escapist book aimed like an arrow at the heart of our deepest problems.  An act of fleeing that is at the same time a ladder to a higher place...


Only one very human and very determined writer who started a novel in 1980, was beaten away from it by the exigencies of life in the material world circa 1983, and came back to it circa 2008, when he was finally overwhelmed by the overpowering feeling that he could not pass from life without completing it, and must therefore finish it at all costs.  At ALL costs...  Finding a way to rescue it then became his overriding goal, something intense like a fight for life itself; a battle to the death, pitting joy, hope and the most beautiful of dreams against the mundane tasks (brutal to our inner lives) which are meant to contain us:  a battle against the terrible imposed silence which makes us futile.  This book has truly been the product of a war:  a war to be counted; a war to lift friends never given their due out of the darkness, and to shout out to the world 'They lived, and they made a difference!'; a war to place a cloak of beauty upon the shoulders of everyone beautiful and unrecognized, from then, from now, and forevermore.  A war to set things right.

ABOUT THIS SITE is meant as a platform to promote and sell the novel, and to offer a kind of blog, or compendium of explanations, answers, and reactions pertinent to the novel for the benefit of interested readers.  I hope you will enjoy it, and make full use of it!  Just as I hope the novel, itself, will resonate with you and pull its weight in our mutual effort to improve life on the earth and protect the human future.


J Rainsnow


COPYRIGHT NOTICE:  All text on this site, as well as all material in the novel itself, is copyrighted.  Please do not reproduce or transmit without permission, unless according to 'fair quote' conventions, and with proper acknowledgement of the source.  The same applies to images based on the original art of Katalina Gutierrez and other specified artists, and to J Rainsnow-owned photos and sketches wherever they may appear.  Thanks so much for your support!  "Writers of the world depend on you!" 

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